2007-8: Reconstruction of Boiler Units 1 and 2 in Kangal PP(Turkey)

The goal of the project is to restore original boiler parameters (480 t/h each), taking into account lower quality lignite.

The job includes redesign of firing system, change of heating surfaces, increasing capacity of mills, FD & ID fans, refurbishment of air-preheaters and fly-ash system, modernization of electrical and IC systems, replacement of auxiliary, startup and backup transformers, etc.

Weight to be manufactured: over 1300 tons

Commissioning Unit 1: 2008, February
Commissioning Unit 2: 2008, November


2006-7: Reconstruction of Boiler Unit 5 in Tuzla PP (Bosnia and Hercegovina)

The goal of the project is to eliminate defects, increase efficiency to more than 87%, reduce NOx emissions below 450 mg, extend lifetime.

The job includes redesign arrangement and extending heating surfaces, installing new burners, lifting the drums, modernization of rotating air-preheater, etc.

Capacity: 650 t/h (@ 135.5 bar, 540C)

Weight to be manufactured: over 1500 tons

The mechanical completion is scheduled by mid 2007.